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On the Laura Ingraham show, Dr. Malone says of Tony Fauci, “Tony has no integrity, I mean, he lies all the time.”

See the full interview here.

Many news outlets call Anthony Fauci the most trusted man in America, but time and again, the statement has been proven false.

Dr. Malone went on to say, “And me and my peers, we’ve been watching this for decades, I mean, we just shrug our shoulders and shake our heads and say, ‘It’s Fauci.'”

 Dr. Malone was a carpenter and a farmer before earning a Ph.D. and an M.D. These previous industries help him communicate clearly. As a career vaccine researcher and developer, he should know the truth as he has been working in the medical industry for years and is well respected.

Dr. Malone and Laura Ingram discussed Anthony Fauci’s comment on CNN where he was asked if, contrary to the claims of some experts, cloth and surgical masks were effective against the omicron strain of COVID. Fauci answered, saying masks were effective.

Ingram asked Dr. Malone if that was a lie, to which Dr. Malone replied, “Yes, it’s a — I mean, it’s Tony.

Last week, Twitter suspended Malone, who had a half-million followers

Also, last week, Malone told podcaster Joe Rogan that the state of Maryland had threatened his medical license. On Monday, YouTube removed it.

You cannot convince me the social media is not censoring those who speak the truth to enlighten the people. Instead, social media and most news outlets will do whatever they can to protect Anthony Fauci, Biden, and their communist agenda.

When are we, the people going to wake up and see Fauci for what he is? He is a liar and a puppet for the Democrats and their struggle to take America and the world’s freedoms away.

It has got to stop. We must cease bending the knee, give in to everything the regime tells us to do, and fight for our freedom. It will be much harder to fight to regain our freedom once we lose it. So we must fight to keep our freedoms now.

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