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Justice: John Durham to Fully Expose Everything

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It’s been a long time coming, but it appears the Durham investigation is about to expose those who lied, cheated, and conspired to destroy President Trump. It will be interesting to see who will find themselves facing judgment for their crimes. Will this long-awaited report only take down the little guys, or will it go to the top and grab the likes of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and others?

President Trump has announced there will be a lot coming out from the Durham investigation of how the FBI handled the alleged collusion between him and the Russian government. He said that John Durham, the special counsel, will fully expose the Russian collusion investigation in an interview with the Epoch Times this week. Trump called Durham’s work one of the most important jobs in America.

While most of us have wondered what was taking so long, President Trump said he still believes in Durham’s investigation.

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Trump went on to say, “the Democrats’ accusations of collusion were the crime of the century that affected the 2020 presidential election. These are bad people. So, I hope John Durham, for the good of the country, comes up with everything that you know took place and that everybody knows took place because it has been exposed. It was so disgusting what took place. And all of the things they said about me and Russia – it was them and Russia. It was them and Russia. They worked with Russia.”

After the Mueller Investigation sham, evidence began to surface of the actual source of the Russia dossier and who financed it. The entire thing was quite an extensive web of lies. However, it comes as no surprise to learn it was, in fact, the Hillary Clinton 2016 Presidential campaign behind the plot to frame newly elected President Donald J. Trump for conspiring with the Russians to win the White House.

This writer has always believed in Karma, so it will come as no surprise when any Democrats AND Republicans involved in working to destroy the Trump Presidency will soon feel the long arm of justice crashing down on them.

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