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Why do we celebrate President’s Day? Also called Washington’s Birthday, this is a holiday that honors everyone who has served in the office of the president of the United States. The holiday dates back to the 1880s and it used to always be held on February 22, which was George Washington’s birthday.

Today, I want to celebrate the holiday by highlighting some of the best moments my favorite president brought us, of course, is President Donald Trump.

President Trump is one of the best presidents in American History. While he worked to make America great again, he made us laugh. There was never a dull moment with this president. Our economy was soaring, our country was made safe through new sanctions and the building of the wall. He made peace and was on the road to making peace with world leaders that other presidents could not make happen. Even some Democrats began to like the man and went so far as to change their party affiliation.

We all know at this point, that President Trump won the 2020 election. The proof has been found through various audits in key states. And, even without the audits, anyone with a brain could see the fix was in for Sleepy Joe. Now, we are in a fight that will determine our freedoms, and the kind of furture our children will have.

President Trump hints that he will run again in 2024. I will vote for him because I believe he is the only man who can lead us out of the mess that Joe Biden and the Democrats have created for us.

Happy President’s Day, President Trump. I sure miss those mean tweets and the excitement you brought into the office.

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