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Joe Biden puts sanctions on Russia, but do you think Vladamir Putin is bothered by them? Not in the least. He watched how Biden has handled issues in our country and abroad, so he knows Biden is a weak man and a weak president. Sean Hannity explains it best in his opening monologue.

As Putin calls his move a peace-keeping mission, and Biden calls it a minor incursion, what do you think the people of Ukraine call it? And, what do you think President Trump would have done if he were in the office as he legally should be?

Officials and analysts are suggesting Putin’s move against the region could turn out to be a long and bloody war and the largest invasion since Hitler’s reign of terror. And, there is nobody to stop him.

Two years ago, Biden said Putin didn’t want him to be president because he was the only one that had gone toe to toe with Putin. So yeah, I’m sure Putin wasn’t trembling with fear at Biden coming after him with sanctions since the last time Joe went after him didn’t go so well.

Our current president is a joke, and he and Kamala have made a mockery out of the two highest offices in the land. Russian President Putin is no longer concerned with the United States or our pathetic excuse of a president.

We need to pray for the people of Ukraine that God intervenes in Putin’s plan for domination in the region. I have traveled to the area and thought it a lovely place and the people were kind.

If you think their troubles will not affect us, you are wrong. What Putin does in this region will affect the rest of the world, including America.

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