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President Trump collects the majority of support at the Conservative Political Action Conference. (CPAC) It is clear he is the favorite for the 2024 GOP nomination among the most devoted conservatives.

President Trump reminds us in his speech that he succeeded with Putin where others failed. He is right. In fact, he had our country on the road to recovery. We need him to return to the White House and lead America out of the decline Sleepy Joe has caused.

In the polling of more than 2,500 conference attendees, 59 percent back Trump for the 2024 Republican nod, a slight increase over last year’s poll, which showed him with 55 percent support.

Ninety-seven percent approved of his performance as president.

Eighty-three strongly approved of his performance.

The issues most important to the attendees were election intergrity at forty-nine percent and immigration at forty-eight.

Governor Ron DeSantis trailed behind President Trump at twenty-eight percent. Last year, his numbers were twenty-one so he has gained some new support.

If President Trump decides not to run in 2024, DeSantis is the choice for CPAC attendees this week, with his numbers at sixty-one percent. Mike Pompeo and Don Jr. tied at six percent.

I like Governor DeSantis and will vote for him should for some reason, President Trump decides not to run.

The important thing is that we elect STRONG, REAL conservatives into office across the board that want to clean out D.C.

We cannot do that if we do not vote so please, when it is time for your state elections, get out there and VOTE.

It is the only way we can win back our country.

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