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Children’s Health Defense releases interesting news citing that a new study released on Monday says that the Pfizer vaccine is only 12% effective in children age 5-11, so why are we vaccinating children?

Oh, but the authors of the study claim it protects against severe diseases and still recommends we give it to children. They suggest the doses were too small, and perhaps a higher amount would fix the problem.

According to Children’s Health Defense, The FDA on Feb. 11 abruptly postponed the meeting to review Pfizer’s application for infants and children, stating Pfizer didn’t have enough data on the efficiency of the third dose for that age group.

Madhava Setty, M.D. examines the data in the study. He also outlines what he believes are the flaws in the authors’ conclusions that the vaccines prevent severe disease in this age group and that increasing the dose might be appropriate.

“With such marginal and diminishing benefits, continuing to vaccinate cannot be justified.”-Madjava Setty, M.D.

After looking at the graphs he created in his article, I agree. We need to STOP giving vaccines to children who already have natural immunity.

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