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Vernon Jones, Georgia’s 10th District Congressional Candidate, has an interesting idea of getting Donald Trump into the White House before 2024. I agree with Vernon Jones, Biden is destroying our country, and there may not be a country left by 2024.

According to Mr. Jones, the House of Representatives can elect a non-member as Speaker of the House. So when we take congress in 2022, and should Vernon get elected, he will nominate President Trump as Speaker of the House and present Articles of Impeachment against Biden and Harris. Then should Biden and Harris be impeached, Donald Trump would become president.

I like his idea, and it could work. However, Republicans in the house must work together to see it through. From what I am hearing, McCarthy will be the next Speaker. Would he support Vernon Jones in placing Trump as Speaker? If McCarthy loves our country, I think he will support this move.

Once President Trump replaces Sleepy Joe, McCarthy could take the Speaker position. However, the first thing we need to do is win the Congress seats. So, please vote like our lives and our country depends on it, because they do!

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