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Real America’s Voice reports that Jean-Luc Brunel, a fashion and modeling agent in France, and close associate of Epstein, has hung himself. Epstein allegedly invested “up to a million dollars” to help Brunel launch his business. On Saturday, February 19, Brunel was found dead in his cell, the victim of another mysterious “hanging.”

Brunel had been incarcerated since December of 2020 on charges related to criminal conspiracy, human trafficking, sexual assault, and rape of an underage girl.

Of course, as in the case of Epstein’s ‘suicide,’ there was no video to officially document Brunel’s suicide. The prison did not label him as high risk as they had him living in the general population.

It amazes me that after Jeffry Epstein killed himself, others involved are still breathing.

Ghislaine Maxwell is in a Brooklyn prison on “suicide watch” every fifteen minutes at night, though her family says she would never kill herself. I’m surprised she is still alive. Maxwell is scheduled to be sentenced in June of 2022. Will she make it to the date? We will have to wait and see.

There are powerful people in the world, including politicians, royalty, celebrities, religious personalities, and institutions deeply involved in pedophilia, sacrifice, and other horrendous atrocities, that do not want testimonies of their acts to come to light. These people will stop at nothing to keep their secrets buried, including threats, blackmail, and murder.

But, God will expose these people, and they will pay for their crimes against humanity one day. It may not be in this life, but they will receive a punishment that they will not escape once they cross over into eternity.

Human Trafficking is a big business in the United States and worldwide. Around the world, an estimated 40.3 million victims trapped in modern-day slavery. These are estimated numbers and may or may not include sex trafficking, so in reality, the number of victims is most likely higher.

Actor Jim Caviezel stars in Sound of Freedom as Tim Ballard. It is good to see amid celebrities’ involvement with Epstein, some stood firm and even fought against pedophilia despite Hollywood canceling them.

My fellow warriors, stay strong and fight the good fight. God is on our side, and we WILL WIN AGAINST EVIL!

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