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Our current president, Joe Biden, is not looking out for America. If you do not see the harm he and his cronies have done to our country, you are either stupid or in denial. This man is dangerous, and he is tearing our country apart.

In our country, we have the resources to become energy-free by producing our own oil and gas, but the idiot in the White House keeps our pipelines shut down and our people out of work. Meanwhile, in some places, the gas prices have reached $7.00, just as President Trump predicted.

According to Newsweek, in California, gas prices have reached nearly $8 per gallon.

Mississippi Governor Tate Reeves answers the question that so many have on their minds. Why is Joe Biden not opening our pipelines right here in America?

Joe Biden cares more about terrorists than Americans.

Kevin McCarthy reminds us that in 2018 Nancy Pelosi raged over the gas prices, but she hasn’t said a word about the gas prices we are experiencing now.

The Democrats are hypocrites, liars, and communists interested in one thing. They want to destroy our country.

It makes no sense to have closed the pipelines that make us energy independent. So instead, we pay Russia ridiculous prices, and Biden wants to pay Iran for oil.

If we continue on this path, the gas prices predicted to reach $10.00 per gallon isn’t an unreachable price. And, we have two more years with this president in leadership. God, help us.

We need to call our senators and demand they fight for our pipelines to reopen so that we can stop depending on foreign supplies.

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