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President Trump held a Save America rally in Florence, South Carolina. He said that he had made lots of good predictions that came true. He was right on the pipeline, the border, and Germany.

Under President Trump, we had hope for our future and a change in the ways things were run in America. President Trump did make America better.

Florence, South Carolina Full Speech

It was cold in Florence, South Carolina, but President Trump’s Save America Rally was full of people who love and trust President Trump. And they want him back. So I believe he will be back in D.C., and it could be before 2024.

Voting this year in the state primary elections could not be more critical. So please, get out and vote for real conservatives that genuinely wants to work for the people. This primary election can bring us hope.

We need to send a clear message that we want the problems in America taken care of:

  • Southern Border wide open
  • Wall not funded
  • U.S. oil and gas drilling and production reduced which requires paying for imported oil
  • Gas prices at an all-time high
  • Food shortages

And so many more issues that I cannot possibly list all.

Donald Trump can bring change and hope back, but we have to do our part in reviving hope, and that is by changing things around in our country with our votes.

We need to vote traitorous Republicans out of office who voted in the dead of night to pass a $1.5 Trillion Omnibus Spending Bill.

The bill sends $14,000,000,000 ($14 BILLION U.S. taxpayer money) to Ukraine even though we have problems in America that need tending.

18 Senate Republicans who voted YES to that bill: Let’s get these Rhinos out.

John Barrasso (W.Y.)

Roy Blunt (MO)(retiring)

Shelly Moore-Capito (W.V.)

Susan Collins (M.E.)

John Cornyn (TX)

Joni Ernst (I.A.)

Lindsey Graham (SC0

Chuck Grassley (I.A.)

Cindy Hyde-Smith (M.S.)

)Mitch McConnell (K.Y.)

Jerry Moran (K.S.)

Lisa Murkowski (A.K.)

Rob Portman (O.H.)(Retiring)

Richard Shelby (A.L.)(Retiring)

John Thune (S.D.)

Tommy Tuberville (A.L.)

Roger Wicker (M.S.)

Todd Young (IN)

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