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Tony Fauci has spewed lies and misinformation for almost three years now about Covid-19. First, he said masks didn’t work. Then he said they did work. He had initially said one vaccine was enough, then two, and three. Now, the possibility arises that vaccines may have to be taken yearly. He and the Biden administration now says the Covid-19 shows signs of rising again. So, it looks like we may go back to masks mandates and lockdowns in the fall.

Americans have listened to this doctor and readjusted our lives because he and Biden’s administration said it was for our benefit. But why are we still listening to Dr. Fauci when it is clear he has no clue what is right for us? I think Americans have arrived at their stopping point and are tired of the lies and misinformation by the administration, Dr. Fauci, and Main Stream Media.

We want our freedoms back, and we have educated ourselves enough to know when we are manipulated. It is time for Americans to take a stand by saying no to mandates, masks, and lockdowns. If you choose to wear a mask or take a vaccine, that is your right. That is the peace and joy of living in America. I or anyone else has a right to say no, and be free from judgment. We should ALL have the right to CHOOSE FOR OURSELVES.

How can we fight against government control? I suggest we continue to bombard our members of Congress and tell them enough is enough. They need to stand up for the American people. They work for us, and they are not our overlords.

I agree with Catturd in the video clip. Dr. Fauci is a joke. I don’t think it is the fact that we no longer care about each other, but it is a fact, we no longer care what Dr. Fauci, Biden and his administration, and Main Stream Media think about the whole Covid-19 situation.

We are a strong people, and we are ready to handle Covid-19 just as we have dealt with the flu and other sicknesses that come at us.

Stay strong, America. Fight for the right to control our choices in fighting sickness, just as we always have in the past. We will get through this, but only if we are free to choose for ourselves.

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