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Ketanji Brown Jackson, nominated by Biden to be a U.S. Circuit Judge for the District of Columbia, clerked for Justice Stephen Breyer, whose seat she is nominated for. She is a liberal whose record speaks for itself.

Her confirmation hearings concluded, with some Republicans hitting her with hard questions about her judgments against pedophiles that stood before her.

It appears the judge doesn’t give child predators tough sentences. Is she really someone we want on the court? I don’t think so.

Mitt Romney Criticizes Fellow Republicans for Pointing Out Ketanji Jackson’s Disgusting Record with Child Porn Cases. We all know Romney is a Rhino. The fact that he doesn’t hide it anymore should wake his constiguients up.They need to vote him out.

Republican Sen. Josh Hawley continues his questioning of  Biden Supreme Court nominee Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Tuesday relating to sentencing decisions for child pornography convictions.

Senator Hawley was right to question why the judge only sentenced the 18-year-old to three months in prison for possessing a large quantity of child pornography. Senator Hawley reminds us that this judge expressed sympathy for the defendant and his family. Where was her sympathy for the victims?

I appreciate the senators who questioned this nominee with hard-line questions, but most likey she will be confirmed. If she is indeed confirmed, we will have a liberal judge who prefers sex offenders over victims.

What have we become as a nation when a transgender male can compete and win in women’s sports and some want child preditors considered a normal sexual preference?

It is evident we are in the days the Bible refers to as ‘evil days’, when good shall be called evil and evil good.

God have mercy on our nation if we do not turn from our wicked ways.

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