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Don Jr. is right when he says that his father is still king of politics.

His enemies smeared him as a racist, sexist, predator, and a Putin puppet, but it hasn’t worked. Instead, each accusation has come out as false and set up.

No matter what is thrown at President Trump, he ranks top above other political personalities. It means we, the people, still love our president.

Real Clear Politics Poll

According to Breitbart, Donald Trump beats other political figures in the polls, not surprising.

Why are polls crucial? Winning a favorability poll means the public likes you, essential when running for a political office. Favorability can be as important as job approval ratings.

According to a Gallup poll, Donald Trump’s job approval rating was 49, and his low rating was 34 for the periods between January 2020 and January 2021.

Biden’s first year shows an approval rating of 43. His disapproval rating is 56.

Brietbart reminds us these are averages, not an outlier poll. President Trump has the highest favorable rating and is 5.6 points under. Biden is 10.3 under.

This is an encouraging poll and President Trump’s favorabiltiy will continue to rise as Biden fails.

President Trump is the only man to repair Joe Biden’s damages to America so hang in there, don’t give up, and believe brighter days will come to us again.

  • Trump: 45 / 50.6 / -5.6
  • Biden: 42.5 / 52.8 / -10.3
  • Harris: 36.5 / 56 / -15.5
  • McConnell: 24.3 / 57.8 / -33.5
  • McCarthy: 23.7 / 40.3 / -16.6
  • Pelosi: 34.4 / 56.6 / -22.2
  • Schumer: 29 / 46.0 / -17.7

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