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Disney will no longer greet their guests with ‘hello boys and girls, or ladies and gentlemen,’ but, instead, they will welcome you with, hello friends, or hello everyone. Taking out the gender reference makes them inclusive.

The staff is trained on what is appropriate to call the guests. According to them, the guests are Dreamers of All Ages to create a magical moment for everyone.

The spokesperson continues by saying, just because a person looks like a female to us doesn’t mean she wants to be called Princess. Think about those words. This and other companies want us to become gender-neutral. It is against the nature of our God who created the earth.

Will they be removing the looks of feminity of the princesses next?

Why would Disney, a park meant for children and family, want to become inclusive and cater to everyone but the family unit?

If we stop supporting Disney and other ‘woke’ companies in record numbers, they might soon realize who their large fan base was and stop with the ‘woke’ nonsense.

Disney once was a magical place for families to come and enjoy time together. Little girls met their favorite princesses, and little boys met their favorite Disney characters. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t sound so magical anymore.

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