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Governor Desantis wants manufacturing brought back to America, and he is right. It is ridiculous that we have commissioned all of our work to China and other countries. Governor Desantis points out that nearly every piece of the material needed for masks during Covid came from China. That is pretty pathetic.

Governor Desantis asks a good question. “Is that a good thing for our economic and national security, particularly with a country that is very hostile?” And he answers, it is not.

The Florida governor wants more onshore manufacturing in America, particularly in Florida. I agree. It is time we bring back manufacturing to America.

President Trump wanted to bring industry and manufacturing back to America. He worked toward this his entire term.

Many Americans agree with Governor Desantis on this issue, and so I think we need to push this agenda with our representatives.

As one comment pointed out, “Trump was pushing through his entire presidency. Trump knew being dependent on other Countries was a sign of weakness and that the US had to be more self-sufficient in building things here at home. It was the entire point of his tax cuts – to bring businesses back to America and to allow the businesses already here to reinvest in their businesses or hire more people.”

Another commenter pointed out, “President Trump pushed the need for vocational schools, I heard him say in a speech that some folks aren’t cut out for college, and a college degree isn’t needed to be successful in life. President Trump saw the need for vocational schools in order to fill the demand for labor in rebuilding our country’s manufacturing abilities.”

President Trump worked hard to save America and it is why Biden and his Communist friends had to stop him by any means necessary which includes voter fraud. We NEED President Trump back.

There is no reason that we cannot bring back industries to America. It will be much better for our economic future, and that is just good business.

Don't be censored

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