We’ve all been learning what was in Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell, and the corrupt actions of his family are coming out daily.

We’ve all heard about child pornography pictures and emails giving details of Hunter’s dealings with China, but the latest reports are sure to sink the Biden Family once and for all.

Deleted emails on Hunter’s laptop expose the Biden family’s ‘criminal’ ties to Ukraine Biolabs.

The media has jumped on the ‘Back Ukraine’ bandwagon, saying that Russia attacked the country without a justifiable reason. Putin said that he would take out the Biolabs, remove the Neo-Nazis terrorizing thousands of the Ukrainian people, and rescue children from several countries held in disgusting orphanages before they are trafficked worldwide. If that’s the reason, what’s so bad?

Of course, he was laughed at and called a liar. After all, there were no Biolabs in Ukraine. However, that storyline from those in the media and our government has fallen completely apart.

Much to their horror, those calling Putin a liar about Ukrainian Biolabs had to eat a healthy dose of crow. You see, there were not only Biolabs in Ukraine, but the United States Department of Defense was funding them.

Hunter Biden’s firm Rosemont Seneca provided capital for the firms behind the creation of Biolabs in Ukraine.  

Yes, that is correct; Putin was not lying about Biolabs in Ukraine making dangerous bioweapons. It’s easy to see who knew about them and had no problem with the labs. They are the ones with the deer-in-the-headlight expression on their faces and screaming about how Putin is a tyrant and murderer.

We keep hearing about how we must help Ukraine and stop the invasion. However, no one brings up the fact that the USA backed and aided in overthrowing the newly elected Ukrainian President in 2014. Why would we do that if we believed in allowing people to choose their leadership? Maybe there was an entirely different agenda.

Could it have anything to do with all the money laundering and human trafficking in Ukraine that has made BILLIONS for those who treated Ukraine like their own personal piggy bank and playground?

There is no stopping this avalanche of evidence. Those involved have been stealing billions of dollars from the American taxpayer for decades. All the backdoor deals with corrupt world leaders have made those in our government quite wealthy.

They sold us out to the highest bidder. Then if we dared to question their actions, we are called conspiracy theorists and downright crazy.

Well, we have a message for them. The truth is NOT a conspiracy theory, and justice is about to hit you right between your treacherous eyes,

So grab your popcorn and favorite adult beverage, my fellow Patriots, because this movie is getting quite exciting and loads of fun to watch.

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