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 Biden deletes a pandemic-era emergency health order known as Title 42, allowing immigration authorities to turn away illegal aliens at the border, even those seeking asylum. Former President Donald Trump put that order in place. The health order has allowed immigration authorities to manage an overwhelming number of migrants trying to enter the country.

Joe Biden cares more about illegal aliens than he does for his people. Allowing these illegals into our country in such massive numbers will fundamentally change our country. And that is what Biden and his communist comrades want to happen!

But, now Biden wants to allow the illegals to pour back into Texas because he cares nothing about Americans or the border crisis. Meanwhile, Americans who live along the border are attacked, injured, or killed by these illegal aliens.

Without Title 42, federal officials say, they expect to draw thousands more illegal aliens to the southwestern border every day and the already large numbers of people trying to enter from Latin America and other places across the globe.

However, Texas Governor Abbott has a plan. He wants to send all the illegal aliens in Texas to the steps of Washington. Texas Division of Emergency Management Chief Nim Kidd said the state would have over 900 buses for this operation.

Governor Abbott also said the Department of Public Safety would immediately begin enhanced safety inspections of commercial vehicles coming through the Mexico border into Texas because human smugglers are known to use commercial trucks to transport people into the country.

The governor acknowledged that the move would “dramatically slow” traffic at the Texas border.

Mexico is one of the state’s largest trading partners and does hundreds of billions of dollars in trade with Texas every year.

Governor Abbott also said the state would create boat blockades on the Rio Grande to deter migrants and install concertina wire, a type of barbed or razor wire, in low-river crossings in high-traffic river areas.

Last March, he announced he was sending National Guard troops and Department of Public Safety troopers to the border to curb illegal immigration into the state in an effort dubbed Operation Lone Star.

This baby was thrown into the Rio Grande by a human smuggler.
Women and children crossing are many times victims of the Cartel and human traffickers.

Local officials communities are overwhelmed by hordes of illegal aliens dropped off by the Biden administration. It has to stop!

If more states do what Texas Governor Abbott is doing with the illegal aliens that come into their states, it might overwhelm D.C. But, it might also give those in Washington a taste of what is happening in Texas. They might then get off their collective spineless backsides and do something about the illegal alien problem we have in America.

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