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President Trump delivered a motivational, energetic speech at a rally in Selma, North Carolina. But we would expect nothing less from this great president.

Before he gave the speech in North Carolina, President Trump sent a message to his supporters, encouraging and thanking them. He says we will take back the Senate, the house, and the White House. He further says it will be sooner than we think, and it will be something special.

He got the crowd excited when he reminded North Carolina that they would fire the radical left democrats in seven months, end crazy Nancy Pelosi’s political career, and elect true America First Republicans.

President Trump highlights our struggles in America under Joe Biden and says it’s an attack on middle-class America, and he is right. The grocery shelves are empty, gas prices are out of control, and runaway inflation with the supply chain disaster.

President Trump continues reminding us there is a war on American energy, and criminals are set free in radical Democratic cities that prey on innocent citizens. Radical left-wing judges are persecuting Republicans and holding political prisoners without trial.

Our children are being indoctrinated, our values desecrated, our heritage obliterated, and our country humiliated by a president who has no idea what is going on.

President Trump continues to stand by the fact that the election was rigged and stolen. And it is why we are in the disastrous situation we are in now.

He also speaks on military funding and stronger security overseas and for law enforcement. Watch the full speech.

Our country is indeed in trouble, and President Donald Trump is the only man that can bring our country off its knees and stand with pride again!

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