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Fifty-One intelligent officials concluded that the Biden laptop was Russian Disinformation. We all know that the lap top was not disinformation created by the Russians. We know they are protecting the Biden crime family.

Senator Jim Jordan wants to know how these intelligent experts came to this conclusion. The senator wants to know who spoke with these experts that made them come to the conclusion.

Every American has the right to know the answers to these questions.

The cover of the New York Post has the faces of those who lied to discredit Hunter Biden’s laptop.

These people were key officials in the CIA and other intelligence agencies. They undoubtedly knew the laptop was not Russian Disinformation right before the presidential election between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, but still, they stuck by their story.

Senator Jordan points out this is not the first time the American people have been misled by false claims, denials, and information. The senator wants to get to the bottom of all of it because he’s right. We, the people, deserve an answer.

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