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The Supreme Court of the United States has a big decision to make in one of the most important cases, if not the most critical case in American history; Roe v. Wade.

On Tuesday, May 3, someone leaked the draft that indicates SCOTUS is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade.

American Center for Law and Justice(ACLJ) reminds Conservatives that this is ONLY A DRAFT, so it is not time to celebrate a victory yet.

Jordan Sekulow, Executive Director of the ACLJ, writes, “Let’s not be distracted from the fact that someone, likely INSIDE the Supreme Court, STOLE this critical legal draft and leaked it in the hope that the public firestorm it ignited would intimidate at least one Justice to change their mind before the official opinion is released.

SCOTUS did confirm the draft overturning Roe v. Wade does indeed exist, but the existence of the draft does not reflect the final opinion. It is common to pen out drafts and then discuss them before making a final decision.

The mainstream media and the Left are panicking, declaring that the Supreme Court is attacking women’s rights. Of course, they are panicking, and President Joe Biden fuels the fire with his statement on the Supreme Court’s possible overturning of the case.

Biden, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi are working on killing the filibuster. They are using this to force a vote in Congress to codify Roe (make it PERMANENT), even if the Supreme Court overturns Roe.

They’re trying to weaponize the Supreme Court’s draft to undermine our institutions.

Joe Biden and the left will not give up this fight so easily as, for some reason, they want to destroy our children, whether it is through abortions, dangerous vaccines, or controlling our children’s minds through programming via education.

Biden fights for women to have the right to commit murder, and President Trump fights for children to have the right to be born. He has always fought for our children.

The differences between the two men are astounding, aren’t they? Which one would you rather have, a fighter or one that cowers to his handlers?

The word of God tells us that God knew us from our mother’s womb. The Lord knows the number of hairs on our head. That is HOW IMPORTANT we are all to God, including children, both born and unborn.

We need to pray that God touches each heart on SCOTUS to make the right decision and remain strong even though they are feeling the pressure because of the leaked information. And remember, no matter the decision, GOD WINS in the end.

Don't be censored

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