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On Wednesday, during a question and answer session over the Roe V. Wade situation, Joe Biden calls the MAGA crowd the most revolutionary political organization in American History. He says that conservatives plan to attack the rights of marginalized groups.

 Biden continues to fuel the fire by claiming the right could next target the rights of the LGBTQ community. He says the conservative-majority Supreme Court could uphold state laws that would ban LGBTQ students from being in classrooms with “other children,”

However, no such law appears to have been proposed in any state.

So, once again, Joe uses lies and manipulation to create chaos and fear to try and separate Americans into different camps against one another.

The government cannot have Americans ban together as one people because that would threaten their control over us.

Joe Biden essentially calls MAGA extremists in America. In other words, he is calling MAGA terrorists. I guess he forgot about Antifa, BLM, and other extremists that like to destroy and burn down cities and break down statutes.

Although the government tried to label January 6 as an insurrection, it was not. The MAGA folks on January 6, for the most part, were innocent and only entered the capital building because the security allowed them in.

Yes, many disruptive people were involved on January 6, and unfortunately, a woman lost her life. However, we all know that the MAGA Insurrection is not a reality.

What is dangerous is that Joe Biden signals out the MAGA folks because they think for themselves, question the government, and LOVE Donald Trump.

The extreme liberals and Biden have an evil plan for America. But, in reality, MAGA folks are the only group brave enough to question and stand up for our civil liberties while praying for the soul of our nation. Perhaps their bravery, ordained by God, is still holding America together.

Don't be censored

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