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Donald Trump Jr. answers an important question. Why do the liberals hate Elon Musk so much?

Don Jr. is right. The left hates anyone who can think for themselves. He says Elon has leveled the playing field. It is too much for the left. They will not give up their control easily and can do horrible things to those that challenge them.

The crazy leftist hates Elon so much that he is starting to worry, as shown in a tweet on May 6.

I pray God protects Elon Musk as he continues to fight for the freedoms of the American people against the left.

Elon Musk can challenge the left and shine the light on what they have done to the American people regarding free speech and access to information. And the left cannot stand it.

Don Jr. predicts there will be a red wave coming.

As Don Jr. says, “The left is going nuts and losing their minds.” It is time someone with influence stood up to the bullies on the left and fought back. I hope more influencers will join Elon Musk in the fight.

I look forward to the red wave victory!

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