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Nancy Pelosi is confused about why we have children crying in America because they are hungry and why the grocery shelves are empty.

Tucker Carlson has an answer for Nancy. First, Tucker Carlson reminds us that illegal aliens are pouring through our border as if it is a screen door. Then, once they are here, our government gives them food supplies that Americans cannot buy, including baby formula.
Florida congresswoman Cat Kamak says these illegal aliens are getting, quote, pallets of baby formula from the Biden administration. “They’re sending pallets of baby formula to the border. Meanwhile, in our own district here at home, we cannot find baby formula. We reach out to customers and Border Protection to find out how much baby formula the agency has purchased.”

Another reason for the shortage could be that the FDA shut down a baby formula factory. I agree the FDA should have shut the factory down if violations were discovered. But as Yahoo News reports, Four babies got sick, and two died, but it was unclear if the formula caused the Cronobacter infections, which are rare.

In addition, there are only three major baby formula companies — Abbott, Gerber, and Reckitt. Abbott owns roughly 40% of the market and is the largest of the producers. David Leonhardt from Yahoo News is correct. If the market had more baby formula producers, one formula producer closing or having issues might not have escalated into a country-wide crisis.

Abbott will reopen in two weeks.

Nancy Pelosi knows exactly why we have a food shortage, but she will not admit it. It is her and the party she serves that has caused this crisis. The best way to solve our country’s food, fuel, and freedom issues is to vote out the Democrats bent on destroying our country.

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