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Yes, Anthony Fauci is still around as White House Chief Medical Advisor. However, he never has the answers for the problems, the wrong answers, or he flip-flops on his answers. The terrible thing for Americans is he will most likely continue the role until we get a new administration in. And that is going to be a while. Lord Help Us.

American citizens cannot return to America if they test positive for Covid. Yet, Illegal Aliens are pouring into our borders in outlandish numbers without testing or if they are tested and tested positive. So, again, Senator Rubio asks a simple, fair question, but again, Fauci does what he is good at dodging the question.

He thinks his job at the White House is to control American lives because the Administration gave him the authority to regulate Americans over the last few years. American people are wising up to Fauci and the Administration’s lie.

Until Fauci is fired from his position, I do not see the Covid plandemic going away anytime soon. And that is just the way the Administration wants it. They are already ‘prepping’ us for the Fall, saying the Covid could be worse.

Fire Fauci was created by Marjorie Taylor Greene and is noble, but according to Paul Beck from the Ohio State University, Congress cannot fire Anthony Fauci.

However, Beck says, “what Congress could do, is they could pass a bill to bring that particular institute under confirmation by the Senate. So the next time that an appointed somebody, as its director, that person would have to be confirmed by the Senate. They can’t do it retroactively.”

The current Administration will keep Fauci as long as possible, but if more senators would join Marjorie Taylor Green and Rand Paul’s fight to have Fauci fired, perhaps we could see his firing come to fruition.

Contact your senators and let them know you stand with Taylor Greene and Rand Paul. Request they also stand with Greene and Paul.

United States Capitol switchboard at (202) 224-3121.

The operator will connect you to your state Senator’s office. You will find all of your Senator’s contact information here.


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