I was privileged to interview accomplished conservative actress Anna Marlowe for a second time. In the first interview with Anna, we discussed President Donald Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Anna was born on September 6, in Salonika, Greece. Anna is known best for her roles in Microwave Massacre (1979), Sledgehammer! (1986), and Beyond Evil (1980). You can see more of her works on her IMDb page.

Gene Maddaus from Variety Magazine interviewed Anna on October 30, 2019, about President Trump.

In the previous interview, Anna says, “Europeans fleeing persecution from their own countries are the ones who created this country. Our forefathers came here for religious and political freedom. America was created above all others as a beacon of hope and freedom for the rest of the world.”

She warns us, “Communists are attacking America, hiding behind the ruse of socialism, but it is outright communism that we are facing as a country. Our leaders in D.C. are trying to control the people, but Americans will only take so much, and then we will begin to fight back because we love our freedom above anything else.”

Anna endorses Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson at a Beverly Hills fundraiser in this interview. Senator Johnson is running as the Republican Senator of Wisconsin.

Anna says he is a staunch, patriotic Republican who loves America and wants the best for our country. He made a great impression on Anna who says he is trustworthy and honest. Senator Johnson admires President Trump and supports him.

Senator Johnson believes the Biden Admenstration used the Covid to attack our personal freedom. The Senator is against mandates because he believes they have caused job loss and ruined people’s lives.

He is an advocate for the “right to try”, which means we don’t have to wait for FDA approval that can take years. Thousands of patients that were only given a few months to live, survived because of not having to wait for approval from the FDA. The Senator thinks we should be trying new medications, and new treatments, and believes we can do better with new treatments than with the vaccines by using alternatives. He was fighting pharmaceutical companies who just wants to make profits instead of caring for the people.

Also, he thinks we should make all the drugs in America instead of importing them from China and other countries.

Senator Johnson is against CRT and woke being taught in schools. He believes it is destroying our youth and our country.

The current government has caused inflation, stopped natural resources, and only buys from other countries when we need to bring back industries to America and use America’s natural resources. They are systematically destroying America.

He believes we should control our borders and not allow illegals to cross into our country.

People in Wisconsin love him because he is the best senator they have had in years.

Overall, Anna was impressed with Senator Johnson. She will support him in every way because she believes he will keep all of his promises to the people of Wisconsin and America.

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