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Obama made an insensitive tweet on May 25 regarding the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting. I do not criticize him for making a tweet on the second anniversary of George Floyd’s death, but to put it with the school shooting is insensitive. He could have made two separate tweets, but he chose to use the massacre of children as a tool to grab our guns. However, it did not go unnoticed by Fox News. He was criticized for the classless tweet that it was.

Then protesters burn the American flag. Is it a coincidence? I am learning coincidences are rare in national affairs. President Joe Biden signed an executive order to improve accountability in policing on May 25.

The order was created to address racism, excessive use of force, and public safety. Most of Biden’s order is focused on federal law enforcement agencies. Biden wants to require them to review and revise their policies on the use of force.

Also, the order will create a database to help track officer misconduct. However, the Biden administration cannot force the local police departments to participate with the database. Instead, they are looking at ways to use federal funding to ‘encourage’ the department’s cooperation. In addition, the order is designed to restrict the flow of surplus military equipment to local police. Biden’s executive order has Obama’s handprints all over it.

It is disgusting that the liberals use two tragedies to grab our guns. They have attempted to take our Second Amendment rights away from us repeatedly. But unfortunately, using tragedies such as the Texas school shooting and the Buffalo supermarket attack are the tools to play on our heartstrings in hopes that we will stop fighting and give in. After all, they believe the Second Amendment is not absolute.

His comment has created a firestorm of Americans debating if our constitution is absolute. What do you think?

Armstrong Economics makes an excellent point in the fight for our Second Amendment. It is a dire warning to all Americans that we cannot allow our amendments to be dissolved, specifically the Second and Fourth Amendments.

“Biden has targeted guns with the end goal to disarm America entirely. He has stated: “No amendment to the Constitution is absolute.” The real objective is to compel everyone to register every gun so they can enter your house without a warrant to seize your weapons. What they are doing is dripping out their real objective, one tiny drop at a time. The Biden Administration is now also urging the Supreme Court to let police bust into your home and seize guns without a warrant. The end game is to disarm Americans completely in hopes of preventing a revolution when they even end the right to vote in any meaningful way as in Europe.”

If we give up this fight, then we will LOSE OUR FREEDOM. It is that serious. We must hold fire under our representative’s feet and ensure our Second Amendment is maintained as ABSOLUTE.

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