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Michael Sussmann was found not guilty of a single count of lying to the FBI when he passed the bureau now-discredited information in 2016 linking then-candidate Donald Trump and Russia. The jury in the two-week trial drew from heavily Democratic Washington, DC, and the judge in the case was appointed to the federal bench by President Barack Obama.

Everyone suspected he had lied, and some even went so far as to say there was no doubt he lied. Yet, when the not guilty verdict reached the public, no one appeared surprised. They are right. Our justice system is corrupt and one-sided.

Don Jr. sums it up pretty well, and I think he speaks the thoughts of many conservatives.

I found the clip below quite interesting. Both men are correct as they discuss the anatomy of the Clinton Corruption brought out in the Sussman trial.

“The Sussman trial hasn’t revealed anything new to anyone who was already paying attention. But it is an anatomy of Clinton’s corruption.”

As long as the Democrats and the swamp continue to thrive in D.C., nothing will change, no good will occur, and they will always get away with lies and murder.

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