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According to Dinesh D’Souza, “True the Vote delivered a well-received testimony to the Arizona Senate, and raids on the Democrat’s criminal cartel are underway.”

That is good news in the battle for a fair and free election. However, we will have to wait and see if any arrests will genuinely occur.

We are still waiting on the election results in Pennsylvania between David McCormick and Dr. Mehmet Oz.

NY Post explains that “the order, written by Justice Samuel Alito and released Tuesday, paused a lower court’s ruling allowing the tabulation of mail-in ballots that were missing a handwritten date in a November 2021 court election in Lehigh County. “

McCormick asked the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania to ensure that all counties tally mail-in and absentee ballots that do not have a correct date (or any date at all) on their envelopes — so long as they were received by 8 p.m. on primary day​, May 17.

Dr. Oz asked the Supreme Court to keep the Third Circuit decision and “uphold the will of Pennsylvania’s voters.”

We all know the 2020 Presidential Election was not fair and free. If we do not get this election corrected, we will never have another free election in America. I think our freedom is worth the fight, do you?

Please, stay updated and continue to ask your representatives to fight for America and the right to a fair and free election.

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