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The administration invited actor Matthew McConaughey, a native of Uvalde, Texas, where the school shooting occurred, to speak about gun violence.

Matthew believes there should be age restrictions for gun ownership and a thirty-day waiting period, as you heard from his speech. I understand why he and many do not see problems changing a few gun laws to protect innocent lives. The idea ‘sounds‘ reasonable, but it is not. I must respectfully disagree that changing the laws is not the way.

Regarding the thirty-day waiting period, many suggest it would be used to investigate you and carefully evaluate your mental capacity.

I don’t trust the government. Do we really want to allow the government to determine our mental capabilities before we are allowed to purchase firearms? NO, WE DO NOT. We have already witnessed the bias the liberals have against conservatives and MAGA Trump supporters. Who do you think will be in control of these ‘evaluations‘?

They plan to cut through our rights a little at a time. But, if we give in the slightest and agree to change a few laws, they will not stop there but will continue demanding and pushing until the entire right they are attacking is gone. Then, mainstream Media continues their propaganda.

It does not matter how many laws we change. We Will NEVER SUCCEED IN STOPPING GUNS FROM FALLING INTO THE WRONG HANDS. Criminals do not respect our laws. That is why we have crime. And, we have OPEN BORDERS for illegals to enter America. Imagine the carnage if we did not have the Second Amendment.

Do we have a solution to protect our children? I think so. Training our school faculty and staff on gun safety, arming every teacher in the classrooms, installing metal detectors at all doors, and having guests escorted through the school, including parents, may cause a would-be shooter to think twice. But, if it doesn’t deter the shooter, the first staff member that encounters him will know how to stop him.

I agree with Mr. McConaughey on several of his points, the main one being this is not a ‘party‘ issue. Instead, the two parties should work together to develop viable, workable solutions to keep our children safe. But, they won’t.

The truth is liberals want to take our guns. The true conservatives in D.C. will never give an inch, and they should not. We all know the outcome Biden and the extreme liberals want. It is what Trauedu is planning for Canada. President Trump would never have attempted to take our guns. Gun shop owners in Canada reported that guns, particularly handguns flew off the shelf after Traudedu’s announcement.

Our forefathers created the Second Amendment so that We The People could protect ourselves and our loved ones from a tyrannical government. If they succeed in taking our Second Amendment away, we will no longer have a means of protection.

Warning: Some may find the following video disturbing. Do not watch in front of children.

Communist Chinese health officials brutally beat citizens, and it has nothing to do with healthcare and Covid. This is tyrannical control on a mass scale of 25 million Chinese citizens and possibly the model for the new world order. Chinese communists take citizens’ pets and then kill their pets even when animals cannot get Covid, nor can they transfer Covid to humans.
Chinese government Covid scam officials are entering inside people’s homes and forcefully taking them to quarantine. My heart breaks for all those suffering in these tyrannical countries. Keep them all in your prayers.
Could the reason the Chinese government is doing this is to launch a new virus? Will the WHO follow the Chinese model for the new world order?
If we give our Second Amendment Right away, we will suffer as our fellow world citizens in China suffer.

The government would be able to do anything to us they wanted. We cannot give an inch on ANY OF OUR RIGHTS.

Contact your representatives today and demand they not give in on the Second Amendment Rights as our forefathers intended.

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