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The White House presents a united stand behind Joe Biden. They pretend Joe and Kamala have a working relationship, but we all suspect they haven’t since before the election. Then in July 2021, CNN reported on the rift between the camps. They tried to sweep the rumors away, but we all know. It shocks me that CNN, one of the biggest perpetrators of fake news, would report negatively on Biden.

It is a farce, like the ‘productive strides he has made since coming to office,’ unless they think bringing our country to the brink of destruction is a mark of success. Instead, products are lacking on the store shelves, gas prices have soared out of control and still climbing, and our economy is tanking. Biden has failed our country.

MAGA tried to warn us, but most Americans called Trump supporters crazy conspiracy theorists, but as it turns out, we are right!

We stand on the edge of a cliff, ready to fall into the grip of communism. But, once the iron fist of communism grasps us, it will be hard to break its hold.

According to a text message from a White House Aide, the situation has gotten so bad that when old Joe speaks, no news channels are reporting live.

If you watch the second clip following the first, you will see more from CNN showing one of Biden’s many declining moments. I almost feel sorry for the man as his mental health is not good. But then I recall the damage he, his crime family, and his communist loving friends has done to our country, and the emotion turns to anger.

I understand it has taken a long time for some Americans to wake up and see the lies the liberals have spun, the cheating that occurred in 2020, and the secret plan the elite have for our country. But finally, their plan is revealed, and the White House is falling apart. It could not happen to a more deserving administration. I laugh at imagining that the Biden Puppet Masters are losing their minds just about now!

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