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January 6 political prisoner Jake Lang, a former wrestler, serves time in Washington DC for his actions on January 6. He is in isolation and treated horribly. According to Jake’s father, Ned, the guards will lock the political prisoners in isolation for days. In addition, they have abused Jake and other political prisoners. A political prisoner has lost an eye during a beating.

“This is inhumane. This is un-American. This is torture.” – Ned Lang.

On January 6, Capital Police pushed Trump supporters down the stairs outside the US Capital. Jake was trampled under the moving crowd. He witnessed the death of Rosanne Boyland, crushed to death. Jake says he saw it in her eyes. Boyland was one of three people who died during the fateful event.

He saw Philip Anderson was in peril and saved him.

During the trampling, police beat protesters with sticks and sprayed them with pepper spray.

Jake speaks with Dinesh D’Souza.

The January 6 political prisoners are American citizens. Yet, our government has treated them like a third-world government would treat prisoners. But you do not hear of their treatment in mainstream media. No, fake news media is too busy pushing the leftist narrative with their lies and half-truths.

The prison that holds our fellow Americans treat them far worse than anything you can imagine. It has to stop. The prison guards abusing them need to face judgment for how they treat our citizens. Anyone in leadership in DC responsible for their treatment should also be held liable.

Remember when President Trump stated, “They’re Not After Me, They’re After You.” He was right. They are after MAGA, God-fearing, Freedom-loving, and hard-working Middle-Class Americans who fight against government tyranny and every single Constitutional right our forefathers created. We fight through our voices and our votes. We think for ourselves. We cannot be controlled, and the liberals hate us.

Every day we see the left coming after us in any way possible. The January 6 incident is one of many attacks on the American people. Our history heritages, statutes, and symbols have been discarded, toppled over, and destroyed. Riots were organized and funded by influential people who want to destroy America and all it stands for. And it has not stopped. The way we can fight back is through our voices. Please use it today and cry for justice for our fellow citizens, many of whom are innocent of wrongdoing. Please, call your senators today and voice your concern for our fellow Americans. Ask that a thorough investigation of the jail occur.

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