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Real America’s Voice has an update on the unlawful entry to the Capital building. It is pretty interesting. For the last week, Solomon says that RAV has raised questions about whether the Capital Police had improved their security around the complex.

On Thursday, June 16, seven crew members from the Stephen Colbert Late Show managed to enter the highest House office building, the Longworth Office Building in the Capital Complex.

Congressman Rodney Davis, who oversees Capital Security, confirms that these individuals harassed conservative members and were arrested for Unlawful Entry. Questions arise as to whether a member of congress staff facilitated this unlawful entry so more arrests could occur as the ongoing investigation continues.

Host of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show on CBS

As John Solomon says, Thursday’s incident raises more questions about the security around the Capitol Complex.

We have all seen clips from the January 6 incident and know that the Capital Police ushered people into the Capital Building and played a significant role in what occurred there, resulting in several people dying that day.

I do not trust the Capital Police to do what is right, but to do what they are told, even if it is not legal or moral. But, unfortunately, half of Washington is corrupted, so why would the Capitol Police be any different? Perhaps, members of the Capital Police allowed these people in?

Like the individuals they are assigned to protect in the Capitol Building, they need an overhaul and replacement.

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