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Swatting is a harassment technique most often perpetrated by online gaming community members. Swatting entails generating an emergency law enforcement response against a target victim under false pretenses. Swatters do this by making phone calls to emergency lines like 911 and falsely reporting a violent emergency situation, such as a shooting or hostage situation.

Celebrities, as well as politicians, have been victims of Swatting. It is a dangerous ploy to draw authorities into a particular location to harass the intended victim to receive harassment or other hopeful, deadly outcomes. Swatting could be used as a warning to the intended victim to stop what they are doing or a warning to others.

As it turns out, according to New York Post, on July 8, the home in D.C. that was swatted belonged to Steve Bannon.

On Tuesday evening, July 12, Former Georgia Governor candidate Kandiss Taylor alleges that her home was swatted.

If it is true, this is a dangerous game Democrats and their cronies are playing. Taylor did the right thing and called her local police department before exiting the residence. If she had, the outcome might have ended with her, her husband, or their frightened children being shot and killed. Was this the outcome the fake callers wanted in both Taylor and Bannon’s SWATTING incidents?

Security Footage from the home of Kandiss Taylor after being “Swatted” by a domestic terrorist. 20+ Squad cars descended on a residential neighborhood in Baxley, GA, in response to a horrific fake call. Using family vehicles as cover, law enforcement from local & state outlets kept their guns drawn on the windows of the family home until the truth was revealed.

The FBI & GBI have launched a full investigation into the matter.

I agree with Mrs. Taylor. Whether you are a democrat or a republican, SWATTING someone is immoral and illegal. It is filing a FALSE POLICE REPORT, and it is a crime. Whoever is caught swatting an enemy should face the total lawful penalty. It makes me wonder, how many innocent people have been murdered via a swat team through false police reports?

Swatting is not a new tactic. Gamers have used it against opponents from games such as Call Of Duty, Counter-Strike, and DOTA. Swatters use social engineering and doxing* tactics to gather personal information about rival gamers.

I also question, if they can do it and get away with it, who is to say, who will be next? A former president, congressman, celebrity, news reporter, or YOU, should you say or do something someone doesn’t like?

Can you imagine the fear Kandiss Taylor’s children felt when they saw their home SWARMED by a swat team? It terrorized these children. Can you imagine the fear YOU would have felt should a swat team swarm your home because someone dislikes you and wants to instill fear in you?

We cannot allow the fear of our enemy to encompass us and stop us from fighting for our freedom.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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