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On Wednesday morning, Fox News journalist Bill Melugin tweeted a video of a massive group of migrants crossing the Rio Grande into the border town of Eagle Pass. Coyotes led the group inside the borders of the United States, and there were no border patrols in sight.

Fox News journalist Bill Melugin initially tweeted: BREAKING: “One of the most massive single groups we have ever witnessed cross illegally at the border is crossing into Eagle Pass, TX right now. The line of people went so far into the trees it’s hard to get a count. Hundreds upon hundreds. Coyotes guiding them in water.” @FoxNews

These Illegal Aliens crossing into America is as much an invasion as any invasion that has ever occurred. So please wake up, Americans. The Cartel is invading us through these Illegal Immigrants, bringing with them drugs, child and human trafficking, and possibly cold-blooded killers. God only knows what these people bring to America through the illegal border crossing. And the Biden Administration is allowing it to happen.

Of course, we welcome new citizens to our country. However, we do have a legal system they must maneuver through to become legal citizens. The corrupt administration has thrown the border and citizenship laws out; at the border, it is free for all.

Please get in touch with your representatives and tell them to make the border crisis a priority, or we won’t have a country if corrupt Biden, Harris, Pelosi, and their friends continue to do as they please unchecked.

President Trump had the border under control when he was in office. But, look at the border now, it is out of control, and the current administration will not allow the border agents to do their jobs.

Social media censorship is suppressing the truth about the dangers of globalism and brutal cultures infiltrating the west. Please share this article wherever you can. It is the only way we can work around their censorship and ensure people receive news about issues that Democrats and the mainstream media suppress.

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