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Health Canada Approves Covid Vaccines for Children Under Five

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Time and again, doctors are coming forth and warning parents not to give these vaccines to children. However, people are still offering these vaccines to their children. I do not understand why these parents still trust the government, CDC, WHO, and other organizations pushing these vaccines.

In the clip below, three doctors spar over the vaccine for children.

Health Canada has approved the jab for children six months to five years old. As a result of this approval, approximately 1.7 million children are now eligible for a vaccination against COVID-19.

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Moderna COVID-19 will be the vaccine used to vaccinate these innocent children. The Canadian Health care has authorized a two-dose primary series of 25 micrograms each, with the second dose to be administered 4 weeks after the first dose. This is half the dose authorized for children 6 to 11 years of age and one-quarter of the dose authorized for people over 12 years of age.

Cases of Covid are higher in people who have taken the vaccine than in those who have not.

We must ask ourselves, why are the vaccines being pushed so hard on us when there is CLEAR EVIDENCE that the vaccine is NOT SAFE?

Further, we have no idea what will occur in people who have taken the jab long-term. It will take years before we see long-term effects. So, why would we give Covid Vaccines to children who are healthy and not at risk?

My friends, please, educate yourself. Listen to these doctors who are bravely coming out against the vaccines. Do not trust any government or organization pushing for a vaccine that has not been efficiently studied and tested.

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