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What is the Great Reset? It is an attempt for the Elites to have totalitarianism worldwide. It would be a Liberal World Order.

These liberals aren’t even hiding their agendas anymore. They think we are peasants, and they are meant to lead us. So the gas you are paying $5.00/gallon for is intentional. It is a necessary move for the Global Transition. In other words, they want to eliminate our gas-powered vehicles and switch to clean energy. It is a plan, and it looks like they are winning right now.

Just before the Independence Day Weekend, the Biden White House admitted that record-high gas prices are part of a broader scheme to usher in the “liberal world order” at Americans’ expense. Russell Brand talks about the Great Reset and makes good sense of what he says.

The Great Reset was the name of the 50th annual World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting held in June 2020.

Klaus Schwab says we need to prepare for a more angry world.

Mr. Brand is correct. Instead of trying to prepare for an angry world, we should come up with ways of preventing an angry world. We need to share resources and empower ordinary people.

But, that is not what the Elite want. They want complete power over the people. So, they will do whatever they can, or as Schwab says, “take necessary action.”

However, Mr. Brand made a good point. People finally understand that lockdowns, masks, mandates, and high gas and grocery prices are intentional to bring us into the New World Order. I believe it is the key to defeating the Elite, but we must stand together against their Great Reset Plan of ushering us into the New World Order. And we can only defeat them if we stand as One People.

People have mocked Conspiracies around the Great Reset, One World Order, and Liberals trying to make America into a communist nation. I think it is abundantly clear now that the Conspirators that predicted all of these things were not as ‘crazy’ as many accused them. In fact, I think America and the world owe these ‘Crazy Conspirators’ an apology.

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