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It appears that George Soros-backed District Attorneys are getting recalled one by one as crime rates soar around the country, according to Dinesh D’Souza. These District Attorneys have allowed the crime to continue without much justice in many Democratic cities. Now, there is a counter-move to stop the soaring crime.

Mr. D’Souza discusses these District Attorneys who are facing recalls.

It is about time to see some justice brought to the Puppetmaster and some of his puppets. We all know George Soros is pulling the strings on many Democrats and Rhinos. Dinesh says he would not call him evil incarnate but suggests he might be a spawn of Satan. I agree. Soros seems to have no soul, or at least he has a very dark one.

George Soros wants to defund the police and put criminals back on the streets, so he spends countless millions of dollars to get the politicians and lawmakers on his side and to do his bidding.

I am thankful for the brave people that are standing against Soros and his puppets. It gives me hope that we can still save America and put her countrymen back on the right path.

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