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Did you know that before the January 6 incident, President Trump requested for National Guard in D.C., and Nancy Pelosi refused? Yet, the Mayor of Washington, D.C., wants National Guard deployed to help with the thousands of Illegal Immigrants coming from the border.

In an interview with NewsMax, Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes wants Nancy Pelosi to explain why Capitol Police failed to take extra security measures leading up to and on the day of the violence.

He says he discussed the situation with Kash Patel (former top Trump official “There was intelligence ahead of time that the Capitol Police should have known – which clearly Kash over at the White House, they knew, which is why President Trump authorized National Guard troops… You know there are tens of thousands of people coming, and you do nothing? And this is the question Nancy Pelosi is going to have to answer because the payback is going to be a’‘you-know-what” if Republicans are successful this November” – Devin Nunes.

Now President Trump is asking questions, and Frankly, the question should have been addressed from the beginning.

According to the NewsMax article, 4,000 illegal immigrants are inundating” WashingtonD.C.’ss streets at present.

To deal with these 4,000 illegals, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser wants to deploy the National Guard to help remove these 4,000 illegal aliens, but she refused to ask for National Guard on January 6.

I am beginning to think the only innocent people involved with January 6 are President Trump and his supporters, who are now sitting in jail for the “Attempted Revolution.” These patriots came to Washington to support President Trump because they knew, as we all know now, that Biden and his cronies cheated and stole the election.

People and groups in D.C. were there to cause havoc, and they succeeded, but it was not the patriot MAGA crowd. The truth will come out. It always comes out; when it does, the innocents sitting in that D.C. jail must receive recompense for their unnecessary pain and suffering.

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