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First, I want to send my thoughts and prayers to the families of Republican Congresswoman Jackie Walorski from Indiana, her communication director Emma Thomson, the St. Joseph County Republican Chair Zachery Potts, and Edith Schmucker.

The Elkhart County Sheriff’s office confirmed all four were killed in a car crash this afternoon. Details here.

Republic Brief reports several state and congressional races were held in Michigan, including the race for the GOP’s next governor candidate. Votes were processed at the former TCF Center, now called the Huntington Center, by hundreds of Detroit election workers.

Poll challengers and GOP question why 50% of the ballots had not been certified as having been verified for signatures at the clerk’s office before being sent to Huntington Place to be counted.

Also, there were duffel bags, coolers, and other large bags under the tables where the paid Detroit election workers sat. Near the bags, under the table, the US Postal Service trays are used to hold absentee ballots during the counting process.

Michigan’s Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson is not concerned over the signature matching on ballots, so it is not surprising that Michigan is attempting the steal.

According to the Republic Brief, at least two GOP poll challengers have indicated they will be filing charges of intimidation against two election workers.

I worry that we will never have another fair election in America. And, if we do, most Americans, including me, will NEVER TRUST OUR ELECTION PROCESS AGAIN. The damage from 2020 is already done, and I don’t believe the process will be trustworthy again.

However, if there is a good side to the ordeal, it is that the 2020 election steal has awakened us, and we are aware of election fraud and attempts. Therefore, as Americans, we MUST REMAIN DILIGENT in our observations and carefully scrutinize every election from now on.

Don't be censored

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