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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is one of the strongest, most honorable men I’ve watched in the political arena. He has done an excellent job in developing the state into a safe place for its people, especially children. Governor DeSantis takes on a George Soros attorney and it was epic.

I did not think I could like him any more than I already had, but then I watched him be the boss he is in this clip.

I wish every governor would show the integrity that Ron DeSantis shows by standing up to those who violate their oaths of office. He is bringing Florida back to a strong moral condition while ushering in successful strategies to help Florida succeed in its future.

Ron DeSantis is exceptional, and he will become President of the United States one day. I believe he would be an asset to a Presidential ticket with Donald Trump in 2024. It would be a winning match for both DeSantis and the country. Then, in 2028, he would dominate in the 2028 presidential election.

We need more leaders who have a backbone like Ron DeSantis to stand up to men like George Soros and his puppets. State and National leaders with integrity and love of the country like Governor DeSantis are crucial to saving America.

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