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I’ve often heard there are no coincidences. I think the timing of the raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago was strategically planned for two reasons. 1.)The Hunter Biden probe is occurring, and the establishment wants to take the public’s eyes off the probe. And 2.) Whenever a raid occurs, the person(s) on receiving end of the invasion is handcuffed until the search is complete. The FBI knew handcuffing President Trump would be a bad idea, so they waited until the president was at Trump Towers.

Some in the political arena are coming to the defense of President Trump and calling out the raid on Mar-a-Lago. I think it is laughable that Andrew Cuomo makes a tweet regarding what the FBI needs to do. As one Twitter user says, “We don’t care what you have to say.”

Americans know this was a political tactic to try to discredit President Trump ahead of the 2024 elections. Meanwhile, the White House is attempting to clean up after the backlash from American citizens who took to social media to rally around President Trump. They claim they had no prior knowledge about the raid.

While some Conservative leaders speak against what the FBI did to President Trump, Hillary Clinton had to pour a little salt into the wounds President Trump, and the American people are feeling right now.

Will these people ever learn that though President Trump may be down right now, he is most certainly not out?! The FBI’s raiding Mar-a-Lago was terrible. The people are angry that the FBI has attacked our civil liberties and President Trump. We will take the house back in November. And, the FBI just handed Donald Trump back the keys to the White House. #MAGA

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  1. Liberals are panicking? What evidence did you give for that?

    And why exactly would they be panicking? Did you miss that classified documents, including some highly classified documents were removed? The idea that they’re panicking is just as goofy as if liberals stated that Republicans and Trump supporters were panicking if the FBI took classified documents from Hunter Biden’s home. How does that make any sense?

    Liberals are loving it that Trump may be in serious trouble. If anyone is panicking, that would be Donald Trump, who’s come up with one ridiculous excuse after another for having those documents at his home–which Chris Hayes and a guest were having a good laugh about on MSNBC last night. They weren’t panicking.

    Please respond.



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