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The attack on Donald Trump will continue until the Democrats succeed in knocking him out of the 2024 Presidential race. Many traitors in the Republican party call themselves Conservatives but are, in reality, Rhinos. Liz Cheney is one such Judas in the Conservative party.

Right News Wire describes Liz Cheney as a Democrat hatchetman in a recent piece. Like other Never Trumpers, Cheney is broadening her attack from Trump to Trumpism. She and her comrades will stop at nothing to destroy America’s traditional way of life. President Trump says it best, “They are not after me, they are after you, I’m just in the way.”

We have many good Conservatives in our movement standing in the gap between the establishment and the American Citizen. These strong Conservatives must be removed before the Democrats can eradicate the American way of life. America is not perfect, but our country truly is the last great beacon of freedom. If we fall, there is no other place to run.

The establishment will continue to strategically attack any Conservative that cares about America and work toward stopping the spread of communism in our country. Ron DeSantis is the next threat to Liz Cheney and her Democratic friends, and they are starting to attack him as they have attacked President Trump for years.

In a recent interview, Cheney said she could not support DeSantis because ‘I think that Ron DeSantis has lined himself up almost entirely with Donald Trump, and I think that’s very dangerous,’ – Liz Cheney.

Political Pop Culture in the clip above asks, “Does anyone care what she thinks?”

While it is true that, most likely, Cheney will lose to her opponent, I find it sad that we have Republicans like her in our party.

Rhinos like Cheney, Pence, Romney and other traitors make it difficult to trust anyone inside the Political party. However, voting Conservatives into office IS better than having Democrats.

We must continuously elect Conservatives into office, but we must do our best to select the ones that align the closest to our American Constitution to maintain American freedom.

To do that, I think we must study the candidates closely by examining their records on issues important to us. Then, if there is one area where they are weak, we as the American people must gently remind them that we placed them into the office, and we can remove them in the next election cycle should they not adjust their weakness.

The time of doing things, as usual, must stop. We cannot continue to vote people like Cheney and Romney into an office for years even after they show us time and again, who they indeed are, and they don’t plan to change.

The Republican party has been broken for years, but now it is time to repair it if we are to save our country. The change begins with you, the voter. You can no longer be a passive American, but you must now step up and keep our Conservative leader’s feet to the fire.

Whether you like Donald Trump or Ron DeSantis or not, you must acknowledge their genuine love for America. And those men are the kind of Conservatives we want and desperately need in leadership. So we must send the Republican party a clear and concise message: Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump-aligned Conservatives are EXACTLY what WE, THE PEOPLE want, and we will, from this point on, take nothing less.

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