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The FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago has created a firestorm that most likely sealed President Trump’s election in 2024. In the raid, they stole three of President Trump’s passports and other documents that have been noted to be declassified. This is indeed an act carried out similar to a third-world assault. However, it looks like the Biden’s administration attempt to discredit and force President Trump out of the 2024 election has failed.

In addition their attack on our beloved Donald Trump will cause a RED WAVE in November. RNC note to FBI: Thank you.

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Stuart Varney from Fox Business says that If Trump’s Mar-a-Lago raid was designed to intimidate, it failed. He is right.

If the Mar-a-Lago raid was designed to intimidate, it failed. Just hours later, as the news spread, Trump supporters turned out in large numbers to support Trump-endorsed candidates in Tuesday’s Republican primaries.– Stuart Varney.

Even some of President Trump’s fiercest critics are calling out the government for weaponizing the FBI against a former President of the United States.

The left has indeed weaponized the state, using it to persecute their political opponents. If that raid doesn’t turn up damning and conclusive evidence of criminal wrongdoing, there should be hell to pay.– Andrew Yang.

While very few Republicans in Congress are coming out and speaking up against the raid, there are a few who are brave enough to call Biden and his regime out. This flag and what it stands for is what American’s are fighting for. We will vote out the cowards who did not defend President Trump against the FBI Raid.

We, the People, should remember who stood with President Trump against this tyrannical attack and who cowered. When the cowards come up for re-election, vote them out.

There is little doubt that a RED WAVE is coming in November because of the raid on Mar-a-Largo. It is humorous to see that something the Democrats meant for harm will ultimately backfire and cause their defeat.

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