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In the interview below, the liberal states, “Hunter Biden could have corpses of children in his basement, and I would not have cared.” He continues to say that whatever the scope of Joe Biden’s corruption is, it cannot be compared to that of Trump’s corruption. It was a left-wing conspiracy to refuse Donald Trump’s presidency, but he says it was warranted. Wait, what?

And then, further into the interview, the interviewer says, “F. the kids in the basement.”

Let those words sink in. They do not care about children. They only cared about stopping Donald Trump from becoming president for a second term. Period.

“This is how all the stupid smart people think about the 2020 election.” – Dan Bongino.

Are these ‘people’ even human? Do they possess a soul, or are their souls so dark and corrupted they cannot see wrong from right anymore?

BeeV57 in the comment section below the clip sums up what I thought when I listened to this interview.

“Dead children in his basement would not be in comparison to Trump’s corruption? F the children, I don’t care about the children?” So murdering children in the basement, which these guys seem to express as a normal sport, does not compare to politics. Oh we have bigger problems than the election with you scum hanging around!” – BeeV57.

The interviewed man talks about how ‘corrupt’ Donald Trump is but never specifies on President Trump’s corruption that “outweighs” Hunter’s corpses of children in his basement. The Democrats would instead contend with the babbling, confused, and Pedo Joe than Donald Trump.

As you can see in the above clip, Joe Biden is thoroughly confused and possibly doesn’t comprehend much these days. So he was the one the Democrats decided they wanted in the White House instead of Donald Trump? Why?

I think they chose Sleepy Joe because he would be easy to control, which is one reason they hated Donald Trump. Donald Trump was on his way to drain the swamp, and the Democrats knew their playtime on taxpayer’s dimes was over under President Trump.

My friends, we are winning in the primaries, but now we still have the most significant challenges ahead of us. First, we must ensure we win the House and Senate in November, and then in 2024, we must elect a Conservative to the White House if we want to save America.

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