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“Joe Biden may not have said it out loud, but his handlers are determined to destroy everything good about America, by coming after MAGA and President Donald Trump. The Democrats have made the attack abundantly clear since Biden took office. Now, the IRS is being trained to come after small businesses and with force.

“Defend the criminal, punish the taxpayer. They’re not just coming for Trump. They’re coming for you, coming for me,” Brian Kilmeade warns us on Fox News recently, adding, “we now know IRS agents have a license to kill.”

In a recent Twitter post, Rep Andy Biggs states the Democrats will weaponize the IRS just as they had under Lois Lerner.

I think Rep Biggs and Brian Kilmeade are correct. So, the big question is, what can we do about it? We can start by putting fire under our Conservative leaders and let them know we expect them to fight on our behalf.

November is an important time for Conservatives in the fight for our country. We must win November across the board as a good start to save our country.

I do not believe God is finished wth America. We the People can work together at getting the right people in Washington and save our country. However, it has been and will continue to be a fight until we achieve victory in November, and then in 2024.

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