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Majorie Taylor Greene was targeted via a Swatting incident in her home on August 23. The incident occurred just after 1:00 a.m. “Swatting” refers to an attempt to fabricate a false criminal report, which often results in law enforcement being sent to a location where there is no real emergency. It is a dangerous situation that could result in injury or death to the victim of the Swatting.

Police officers in Rome, Georgia, responded to a 911 call early in the morning, according to a local newspaper report, “which led them to initially believe” that there was a man in the bathtub of Greene’s house who had been “shot multiple times.”

After the local police spoke with Greene and cleared the situation, they received another call from a computer-generated voice claiming responsibility. They explained they were upset about Ms. Greene’s stance on ‘trans-gender youth’s rights,’ and they stated they were trying to ‘swat’ her.”

According to the National Pulse, the suspect told them they were working with a website that propagates cyberstalking.

Her opponent, Marcus Flowers, stated on Twitter earlier that MTG must be stopped after Greene introduced the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act” which would criminalize so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors. The bill, if passed, would additionally make it a felony to prescribe puberty blockers for children or perform sex-change operations on those under 18.

I would guess he is sweating those words as he quickly came out against the attack that occurred on the congresswoman in a tweet.

According to Rome News-Tribune, the Rome Police Department is currently investigating the situation, along with the Capitol Police. The person or group responsible for the Swatting incident put MTG and her family in danger and pulled the local authorities into a false situation when they might have been needed elsewhere.

Marjorie Taylor Green is not backing down, and her fighting spirit is what I love about her.

The extremists in the Democratic party have gone insane. Their insanity has now become dangerous to anyone who opposes them. The Swatting attack on MTG is not the first and will likely not be the last. If they can do these things to someone in congress and a former President of the United States, imagine what they can do to ordinary citizens. I pray for every Conservative and their family fighting on the front line for our freedoms.

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