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From the beginning, Ron DeSantis defied Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci’s attempt at dictatorship through the PLANDEMIC. He has succeeded in keeping the state of Florida open and running without the absurd and harsh mandates. As a result, Florida’s economy is strong while Democratic-controlled cities and states are struggling.

Governor DeSantis fights to protect Florida’s school-age children against the insane, pro-pedophilia, and CRT curriculum the left, radical democrats are pushing on America’s schools.

Following the video, enjoy an interview with Governor DeSantis.

Governor DeSantis faces another battle in November to retain his seat as Governor of Florida. U.S. Rep. Charlie Crist won the Democratic nomination for governor in Florida on Tuesday, setting him up to challenge Governor DeSantis in the fall.

I hope Florida is smart enough to re-elect Ron DeSantis for their governor. If they do not, the Democrat governor will likely attempt to undo everything Governor DeSantis has worked so hard to accomplish for the state of Florida.

He fights against tyranny and does not back down in the fight for the freedom of Floridians, and people have taken notice of his bravery to not cower against the Washington bullies. Governor Ron DeSantis gives good examples to other governors on managing states. Twenty-Five out of the Thirty candidates that he endorsed, won.

These governors should mimic Governor DeSantis’ moves to strengthen their states, but it would require some things many do not possess; bravery and strength.

Ron DeSantis is a rising star in the political arena, and I have no doubt he will one day sit in the land’s highest seat – the Oval Office.

For now, Governor DeSantis is helping Florida to succeed and thrive while other states are flailing and falling apart. These other governors should follow his example for their state. I’d even call Governor DeSantis and ask for a copy of his successful plan of action implemented in Florida.

The Supreme Court is returning decisions to the states on rulings that the Supreme Court should never have ruled on, such as Roe v. Wade. As a result, we need strong, constitutional leaders in the state’s governor chairs to fight for what is right.

We are, first and foremost, Americans, and we value our freedom. We need governors that will fight for our freedoms. Governors like Ron DeSantis.

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