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Joe Biden’s speech sent chilling messages to MAGA Trump supporters (and Conservatives as a whole) while displaying Marines in the background. Do not be fooled. Having the Marines on display as they were, was to intimidate the American people.

It is clear Joe Biden has become a dictator. The scene with the colored background reminded me of video clips and pictures of Adolf Hitler speaking. Biden says he is referring to MAGA and Trump, but the truth is, even if you aren’t a part of MAGA, but you aren’t in line with Biden’s liberal extremism, he is speaking with you as well.

In his bid for Presidency, Biden said he would unite the country. But clearly, he is responsible for doing the opposite. I’m sure you’ve seen his speech or at least portions of it where he manages to alienate 70+Million Americans by calling them a threat to democracy.

Joe Biden’s full speech on Thursday, September 1

President Donald Trump gave a speech in Pennsylvania, and in my opinion, it was his most excellent speech to date. The stadium was packed. Also, many stood outside the stadium watching large screens because they could not get inside.

He was as entertaining as he always is, yet I felt a fire in him and the crowd I had not felt before. It was different somehow, and I suspect it has to do with Joe Biden threatening half of the Americans in our country. Admittedly, hearing President Trump speak comforted me. His speech gave me hope for our country again.

Below are some of President Trump’s speech highlights that hit home for me.

  • President Trump called Biden “an enemy of the state.”
  • President Trump says Thursday was the most vicious, hateful, and divisive speech ever delivered by an American president.
  • He points out that the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago was among the most shocking abuses of power by any administration in American history. Travesty of justice.
  • Rightfully states that the Justice Department has become a monster.
  • Wisely reminds us it wasn’t just his home raided but also the hopes and dreams of every citizen he has fought for since coming down the golden escalator in 2015.
  • He hints at running in 2024 but wisely says, “First, we must win in November 2022.”
President Trump’s full speech on Saturday, September 3.

MAGA and most conservatives stand for the life of the unborn and the elderly. We stand for the God of our forefathers who directed their hands when they penned the United States Constitution, including the 2nd Amendment- pro-gun. We are pro-America(closing our borders and making our country safe). We welcome new citizens only if they follow the guidelines and enter our country legally and properly. We want to be energy independent. But, according to Joe Biden, that makes us a threat to democracy.

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