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In 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill allowing Florida to import cheaper prescription drugs from Canada. In addition, President Biden said he favored importing prescription drugs from America’s neighbor for lower prices.

The Food and Drug Administration officials had to sign off the plan for it to go into effect, but they have yet to sign it.

On behalf of Florida, Governor DeSantis was the first state to apply for the program in November 2020.

As a result of a 630-day delay for approval by the FDA, some accuse the Biden regime of a politically-motivated move. Governor DeSantis has had enough of the power play. He announced that he had filed a lawsuit against the FDA.

Simone Marstiller, Secretary for the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration, says, “This has been sitting on someone’s desk for 600 days. This is not what government is supposed to do.”

Supposedly, the plan could save the state nearly $150 million annually in lower prescription costs meaning medications would be almost 75% cheaper.

If importing cheaper prescription drugs from Canada can save millions of dollars and medications dramatically cheaper, why would Biden not want to approve any state that requests the imports?

This move alone should alert people, whether liberals or conservatives, that the Biden regime cares more about punishing their political opponents than saving our country money or improving American lives.

I question why other states have not requested imported medications from Canada as it seems good business sense to do so.

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