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Vice President Kamala Harris says our border is secure. She is either lying or is the most uninformed vice president ever. The extreme leftists agree with them as the Whitehouse Spokesperson carries on with the lies that the border is safe. Mainstream media continue the lies and will not report the crisis at the border. Harris says the border problem is President Trump’s fault. However, we all know President Trump had the border safe and secured.

Meanwhile, Senator Ted Cruz says our southern border is not safe. He says the chaos results from a political decision by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. He talks about the things he has seen at the border, which is heartbreaking. Senator Cruz is correct in that it is not safe for the women and children traveling to the border. They are raped, murdered, and discarded like trash.

Does that sound like the southern border is safe? Senator Cruz discusses what the South Texas farmers and ranchers living near the border are experiencing. The parents tell him they will not allow their teenage kids to go out on their ranch without having a gun for protection.

Ted Cruz reminds us the cages were not President Trump’s but Barak Obama’s cages. Now, Ted Cruz says the Biden cages are more full than ever.

Senator Cruz says Harris and Biden refuse to come to the border because if they come, the news media will go along, and they do not want that. He is right.

The cartel attacks our country by sending illegal aliens across the border with deadly drugs. It is dangerous in South Texas, but remember, the illegal aliens are not staying in Texas, but traveling to various states, so your town may not be a border town, but it will be affected. We must continue our fight to close our southern border and elect more senators in November that will fight with us as Ted Cruz has fought alongside us.

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